Manage your staff schedule with SMS.

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Don't waste another minute worrying about your staff calendar.

Simply set up your calendar and when schedule changes occur, Shift SMS will contact available staff members who can cover the shift and then automatically make the change in your calendar.

Onboard your staff

Just enter your employee's name, position and phone number and you're done! Your employees will automatically receive schedule notifications via SMS. No app required.

Create your schedule

Shift SMS is the simplest scheduling software on the market. For businesses with recurring schedules, you can also set your schedule to automatically repeat.

Manage your schedule

Shift SMS will let you know when an employee can't work or calls in sick and then automatically finds an available employee to cover their shift. You'll be notified as soon as a replacement has been found.

Because shift changes happen.

When a staff member needs to change their schedule, all they need to do is text Shift SMS a message.

You'll receive an SMS notification and the calendar will be updated automatically.

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